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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Minnaminni 2 Coming soon

After ammu and minnu stuck the little hearts of kerala.Auriga animations is soon in its last actions to released the muchly hyped sequel of minnaminni.With a new character being introduced,unnikuttan a naughty elephant calf and a story revolving around this funny little hero is all set to impact the animation indutry of kerala. With much improved voice,songs,music and never before visual quality.Minnaminni 2 is liked to be another childrens mega hit animation film.The movie is set to be released by june this year.Any of its visuals or clips are not published till now.The Production was done in 7 months at auriga animation studio,calicut the production house of Auriga college of media studies.

Learning How to Draw!

Illustrated lesson notes to study drawing techniques and perspective.

INTRODUCTIONpreamble for all lessons 1) cityscape 2) cityscape up 3) cityscape down4) room interior two point 5) railway 6) room interior CVP 6b) room interior cont.
7) letters 8) shadows basic9) shadows 2 10) archway 10b) completed arch 11) road 11b) road continuded12) book 12b) book continued
PART TWO INTRODUCTION 1) 'quick sketch page'2) methods of shading3) tennis and shadows4) reference sheet5) in three dimensions6) a 'fork' in the road7) portraiture8) portraiture cont. 9) drawing roses

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Minnaminni (English version) released

After the succesfull running of minnaminni all over kerala.Auriga animation has released its english version.Cds are available in all stores.YOu can also get the cd by VPP,just inform your address to auriga animations.
Ph. 0495 2721197
mob. 9895166074 9447146004

Free Animation Tips and tricks V:2

Get insider knowledge from animation mentor animators and mentors.The real stuffed pdf for animators.