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Monday, October 6, 2014

SYCRA for all Digital Painting Artist

I was wandering around the deep world of web, this is time around digital painting area. I landed on to a excellente( portuguese word for excellent) web portal where I was really fed with all resources your require as a digital painting artist and a traditional too. The immense collection of resources and video can really change your work style and approach. I feel this is a much watch out space for talented crowd. I really thank Sycra Yasin  for  sharing all your knowledge through web.
Guys don't go DUMB without having this awesome feed. there are
Figure Drawing Tools 
Photoshop Brushes 
Sycra's Paper Texture
 Sycra's Face Proportions Guides

Sycra's Colour to Value Reference
 Sycra's Guide to The Fundamentals
Sycra's Anatomy of the Upper Leg (front) GIF
 'Painter' Style Color Wheel for Adobe Photoshop
 Online Art Communities
 Online Art Instruction 
Art Tutorials 
Reference Images Colour Scheme Designers
 Colour Test, DPI Print Guide,Free Fonts and much more.

Just go and grab NOW ->