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Monday, August 24, 2009

Water Sound Files...

Please be comfortable in downloading some water sound files..may use for various sound effects in your personal projects

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breif from Rhythm and Hues Compositing Training

What is compositing?

Compositing is the combining various 2d images and effects into a single image.The goal of 2d work is that the viewer should be unaware that anything has been done to modify the image. The results of this work should be seamless when projected on a big screen..
For more download the the word file from below.
Download here
Notes on rotoscoping will be published soon. please do wait for that.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free Adobe Plugins

Get a growing set of (mostly free) Photoshop filters / plugins coded by richard rosenman. Most were developed because I found myself in need of something like this in the past for production. Others were developed because I foresee the need for them in the future. The remaining odd few were developed merely for the fun of it. They are not necessarily only limited to Adobe Photoshop and they work with many other graphic applications so long as they adhere to Adobe's plugin specifications. If you are unsure, click to see the compatibility list. To download a plugin, simply click the "Download" link or click on the image. Finally, please check back often as I intend to continually update this setion with more plugins.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3D for every one..

As Digital Arts Guild grows, we will include lots of cool supplemental learning resources in this section of the site. At this time, we offer the following resources. Keep checking the site for updates!

Go there

Microsoft permanently barred from selling Word

Microsoft permanently barred from selling Word
By Matthew DeCarlo,
Published: August 12, 2009, 10:31 AM EST

Microsoft has been ordered by a US District Court to halt sales of its popular word processing application, Word. Judge Leonard Davis has ruled that the software-giant is guilty of patent infringement and has prohibited it from selling, importing, testing, demonstrating or marketing any Microsoft Word products able to open XML, DOCX, or DOCM files (XML) files containing custom XML.

Plaintiff i4i sued Microsoft in March 2007 claiming that it violated a 1998 software patent (number 5,787,449) for a document system that eliminated the need for manually embedded formatting codes. One of the fundamental features of the markup language XML is that it is readable by both people and machines. XML allows developers and users to define their own tags for data - unlike other markup languages like HTML which have predefined tags.

Microsoft has already paid $200 million after a federal jury ruled that the XML properties of Word 2003 and Word 2007 infringed on i4i's patent. Redmond accumulated another $77 million in fees after the most recent ruling, $40 million for willful patent infringement and $37 million in prejudgment interest. The company must comply within 60 days and is planning to appeal the verdict.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Calypso Animation to Open Offices in Bangalore and Chenna

Calypso Animation to Open Offices in Bangalore and Chennai
July 29, 2009

Press Release from Calypso Animation Studios

Calypso Animation Studios (CAS) is pleased to announce the opening of a satellite offices in Bangalore and Chennai, India, headed by Project Manager Muthu A. Muthu is an expert at animation and project management and has over 10 years experience in the Indian animation market specializes in outsourced animation. The CAS Bangalore team will help orchestrate outsourced projects in Central and East Asia.

Calypso offers a wide range of services in Animation, Visual Effects, Digital Project Management, Supervision and concept to final content creation. With strong networks of partner studios, artists, supervisors and developers throughout the globe, Calypso provides resources tailored to its client's exact needs.

Leveraging talent and studios worldwide, CAS uses a variety of methods when supplying animation services. Calypso completes projects either at its internal or overseas offices or at affiliate studios that have contracted with CAS. Additionally, Calypso can bring staff directly to its client's location or remote shooting locations and even co-locate at its clients offices, as individual projects require.

Through tried and proven systems, pipelines and procedures, CAS ensures that projects are managed and reported transparently and with the quality and specifications required.

Calypso Animation Studios is currently seeking new projects and partnering opportunities. Studios looking to expand capacity or in need of short-term staff, Calypso can provide the resources from its global supply chain.