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Friday, June 14, 2013

Indian Education on Media and Entertainment?

I cant really make a war with words for the issue am advocating here. I just want to put a few concerns over the matter of Indian Universities stand towards the media and entertainment education.I hope none of any major UGC approved universities or any education regulations have still approved sectors of media and entertainment valid as degrees as in other arts,science and technology verticals. Isn't it too late that we have to upgrade the technical education system to the next level. Visible figures in IT business sector ask for further expansion and exploration into areas like Design, concept etc. Our home screens, print media are flooded with rich and international flavored commercials. The advertisement Industry is deep cultivating a lot in their business.So are daily soaps and other broadcast programs. The IT projects and employers are required of designers to an increasing level. The  cinema industry in India is such big that major production      houses and service providers have good turn overs very year. The outsourcing income generated by animation,visual effects and gaming service providers are not negligible.The areas mentioned here are having a good show in the current business trends. What we need to bother is that.
  • Can we sustain this growth?
  • Are we ready for competition from our neighboring bidders and talents?
  • Have we prepared ourselves to take this into the next level of graphical curve.?
  • Are we backed up with education system supporting the current successfully running business ventures and models in media, entertainment and design?
  • Isn't it time we have to think about expanding our education system more than the traditional degree programs which are already outdated?
  • Should we not have quality media and entertainment university degrees to support aspirants who wish to join into that business and careers.?
  • Do short term certification programs on this stream empower backbone for it's business growth and talent?
  • Should we not have graduates in media engineering, UI designing, Product designing, media artist etc.?
Time has already passed the era where degree is considered as a minimal qualification.And still do we have to spend additional money and time to get a career into a successfully growing sector.?

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